How we deliver

Our range of independently facilitated workshops consist of a mix of discussions and exercises:

1. Collaboration – introduction and foundation
2. Behavioural Development – developing the behavioural skills to support collaborative and team working
3. Leadership Development – understanding the role of the collaborative leader, developing the right approach and supporting skills
4. Team Building and Development
5. Introducing the Pure Australian Alliance
6. Effective Meetings – understanding how to make meetings really good
7. Chairing – an art
8. Collaborative Negotiation – driving win-win (remember to add beyond initial contract negotiation)
9. Collaborative and Behavioural Selection
10. Graduate Selection
11. Organisational Collaborative and Behavioural Selection Preparation
12. Launching the New Collaboration
13. Revitalising and Sustaining the Collaboration
14. Saving the Collaboration – seizing victory from the jaws of defeat

Whilst delivering the above, the following ideologies always apply:
a) Our purpose in life and business is to help people understand and learn how to deliver collaboration which, in turn, will deliver them success
b) We have an approach and a philosophy that underpins all our work and we are the collaborative pioneers
c) We have an experienced enthusiastic team whose sole purpose is to support you
d) We offer a range of developmental approaches: workshops, coaching, big events, light touch stuff and of course Pirates (all of which align with our philosophy)
e) What we actually do is to break collaborative development into a range of different interlinked sessions. We do this both for internal and external collaboration:

  • Help to establish a collaborative strategy
  • Help you choose the right contract (we are Pure Alliance specialists)
  • Help you to implement that strategy from procurement through to the very end (often a new beginning)
  • Help you to procure your collaborative partners collaboratively
  • Help prepare you for collaborative and behavioural selection
  • Help you to launch the collaboration
  • An Introduction to collaboration – the why, what and how of collaboration; first step in changing the mind-set
  • Developing the required behavioural skills to support successful collaboration
  • Developing the required leadership understanding and skills to support successful collaboration
  • Developing the right negotiation approach and skills to support successful collaboration
  • Developing the right chairperson skills to effectively chair a meeting
  • Developing the right understanding and skills to design and work effective meetings
  • Help you measure, monitor and reinforce your collaboration
  • Help you resolve conflicts in a collaborative and lasting way
  • Help you achieve and implement BS ISO44001-2017
  • Pirates of the Solent – the ultimate collaborative learning and assessment exercise. Conducive to successfully delivering this extremely effective and multifaceted exercise, we own a fleet of diverse water-based vessels and work closely with our partners, namely Southwest Yachting and Urban Truant Power & Sail Training.

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