Light Touch Sessions – Reflection and Fun

Today the work place is increasingly frenetic and pressured. The wonderful talent in your leadership and management teams is rarely allowed to flourish; there is little time to think and reflect, to create – everyone is too busy. Nor is there time to develop those all-important relationships. And, sadly, fun, perhaps one of the greatest indicators of truly successful teams, is left on the back burner. Our light touch sessions are tailor made for your particular needs. We combine facilitated conversations with fun activities and relaxing meals in different locations. We can jump on a sailing boat and sail across to the Isle of Wight or, if speed is your thing, we can jump aboard our fast Rigid Inflatable Boat that makes most funfair rides feel pretty tame! Our aim is to allow you to relax, to take the time to have conversations and explore issues and opportunities, to reflect on what matters to you and to your team and organisation – and to allow you to have fun together while getting to now each other better and creating and cementing the kind of relationships that will enable you to work as a truly great team – a team that can and will fly.

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