Our Development Modules

We help you by….

  • Establishing a collaborative strategy
  • Helping you choose the right contract (we are Pure Alliance specialists)
  • Helping you to implement that strategy from procurement through to the very end (often a new beginning)
  • Helping you to procure your collaborative partners collaboratively
  • Helping to prepare you for collaborative and behavioural selection
  • Helping you to launch the collaboration
  • An Introduction to collaboration – the why, what and how of collaboration; first step in changing the mind-set
  • Developing the required behavioural skills to support successful collaboration
  • Developing the required leadership understanding and skills to support successful collaboration
  • Developing the right negotiation approach and skills to support successful collaboration
  • Developing the right chairperson skills to effectively chair a meeting
  • Developing the right understanding and skills to design and work effective meetings
  • Helping you measure, monitor and reinforce your collaboration
  • Helping you resolve conflicts in a collaborative and lasting way
  • Helping you achieve and implement BS11000
  • Pirates of the Solent – the ultimate collaborative learning and assessment exercise. Conducive to successfully delivering this extremely effective and multifaceted exercise, we both own a fleet of diverse water-based vessels and work closely with our partners, namely Southwest Yachting and Urban Truant Power & Sail Training.
  • Unique and exceptional workshop locations – we utilise a selection of Yacht Clubs and Hotels in the Hamble River area (nr. Southampton) supported by a number of delightful pubs and eateries.

These are the Modules in our developmental sessions…


  1. Collaboration Foundation 1 -The Mindset and Awareness
  2. Collaboration Foundation 2 – Business Strategy and Approach
  3. Collaboration Foundation 3 – Understanding the reality of our Team
  4. Collaborative Behavioural Skills 1 – Verbal Behaviour
  5. Collaborative Behavioural Skills 2 – Listening and Empathy
  6. Collaborative Behavioural skills 3 – The Reality
  7. Collaborative Leadership – Step 1 – Inspiring, Empowering and Supporting
  8. Collaborative Leadership – Step 2 – Hierarchical v Process Thinking
  9. Collaborative Leadership – Step 3 – Brave Leadership
  10. Communication
  11. Collaborative Meeting skills 1
  12. Collaborative Meeting skills 2
  13. Chairing Skills
  14. Team working – Functional and Project teams
  15. Commercially Supporting Collaboration
  16. Collaborative Negotiation 1 – The Process and Skills
  17. Collaborative Negotiation 2 – Practice 1
  18. Collaborative Negotiation 3 – Practice 2
  19. Influencing Skills
  20. Task and Finish Teams Launch & Delivery (Improvement teams)
  21. Pirates of the Solent – Treasure of the Medina
  22. Continuous Improvement – Measure, Review and Reinforcement

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