Pirates of the Solent – Treasure of the Medina

Pirates is our flagship exercise.

First developed in 2006, it is the alliancing, collaborative and team exercise that a certain lager maker would claim as theirs – if they did collaborative development!

It is intrinsically flexible and can be adapted to your precise needs, whether simply trying to develop a stronger team ethos in a single organisation or putting together a complex alliance.

It both tests and teaches.

It has been used as a collaborative selection tool, for both company and Graduate selection, and as a tool to prepare for collaborative selection – and every team that has used it has won…….

We have had whole companies go though it as well as Boards of Directors; we have had single company department teams, pre Alliance teams and alliance teams – and all of them have praised the exercise. One ex-military man said that it was the best run and best organised exercise he had ever done.

The exercise covers leadership, communication, planning and preparation, delivery and execution, commissioning, supply chain strategy and implementation. It demands a level of flexibility and the ability to adapt. It is time-constrained and is run in real time.

It is an exercise that enables each individual to benefit (we have seen people flourish, when released from the fetters of their normal work mindset, who have subsequently continued to flourish back at work), as well as the whole team – and it is truly memorable, which means that its effect is long lasting.

While it is fun, it brings out serious lessons and those lessons are then drawn out and put into an action plan to ensure that the benefits of the exercise are taken back into the work place and implemented.

This is an exercise that will make a difference to your work and your bottom line.

Pirates does use boats, but it also has roles that do not require people to go afloat. The boats are not there for adventure training but to create a change environment that replicates the work places in which we all live.

Again, the use of boats and the new environment helps make the event memorable and hence have a lasting impact. And the workshop/base locations are charming and different too.

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