The Team

In addition to our directors we also have a team of over fifteen associate facilitators, behavioural analysts, observers, and events organisers.

We are a bunch of people who come from the real world, not theoretical consultants. We share the same bruises and scars as most of our clients and we focus on helping you get the results you need quickly and effectively.

Our team consists of a group of people who all share the passion for living life to the full, for caring for their friends and clients and who are united in a common belief that collaboration is truly liberating and inspirational – a philosophy, a way of working that sets people’s ideas and energy loose, that lets them fly and realise their potential. Happily and luckily, we get on, we laugh together and we work hard to constantly learn and to improve what we do and how we do it. We enjoy working together and being together and we care for each other and have fun together. And we challenge each other. We have an age range of over 35 years and our experience embraces large corporations right through to small and medium enterprises. We all understand that our success depends entirely on yours and that our business stands or falls on every bit of work that we do – we do not prioritise on size; our commitment is as great to a single coaching individual as it is to the largest corporation.
We treat our clients individually; we do not have a one fits all approach, but pride ourselves on delivering what you need when you need it in a way that will work for you.

We share some simple values: trust, honesty, professionalism, fun and we try and live by the behavioural rules that we recommend to others.

Francis Cubitt

Senior Consultant

Bob Broome

Senior Consultant

Lyn Manley

Senior Consultant

Alan Ferguson

Senior Consultant

Nick Ryley


Kerry Robinson

Consultant & Accounts Manager

Russell Lake

Senior Consultant

Jody Hardy


Anais Grigoriou

Senior Consultant

Adelito Xhebroj


Diarmid de Burgh-Milne

Diarmid has spent 20 years consulting, coaching and facilitating top teams, Alliances and other integration initiatives in Europe, America, Middle East and Africa. He is jcpii’s lead strategic and operational development Director. His experience spans some of the most challenging Alliances, Collaborative and change programmes, with strong emphasis on leadership, cultural alignment, behavioural competence and a deep understanding of integration, team working and cooperation. He established jcpii along with its flagship integration exercise.

He believes that development has to be fun, inspiring and challenging. He focuses on the reality not theory, and tries to let people learn through their own experience, feelings and reactions. His aim is to help people help themselves, not to tell them what to do. He believes strongly and passionately in people, their individuality and their potential.

He is not a fan of management speak and buzz words, preferring the clarity of plain language.

Jeff Dakin

Applying a lifetime of skills and lessons learned within high performance teams and as one of the founders of JCPii Ltd in 2006, he helped create a new method of experiential learning within business Collaboration and Alliancing principles. Now recognised internationally as the leading consultancy in this area with strong references and proven case studies, JCPii has grown from strength to strength. ‘Changing Minds, Changing Results’ highlights the essence of changing a mind-set, culture and modus operandi of often large and multi-disciplined teams, all focussed on a common objectives. As leaders in Collaboration and Alliancing, we breath life into powerful team working, make quick transformation achievable and enduring. His main hobby is yacht racing, competing in 13 Fastnet Races, winning 5 National Championships, a major international regatta and a trans-Atlantic race.

Peter Rowson

Peter has been involved in running small businesses (employing between 15 and 25 people) for over 35 years, and held either Director or Managing Directorship positions for the majority of that time. This inevitably involved extensive project management combined with manufacturing/process design & optimisation, product design and marketing.

Peter’s role within jcpii is partially commercial which includes running jcpii’s Company office and overseeing everyday business issues & needs (event organisation, logistics, contracts, etc.).
In addition to the above, he has 20 years of experience in relation to collaborative, cross-team alliancing and behavioural analysis techniques. Further related experience includes the involvement in numerous tender assessments and development processes with organisations such as Alstom Power, Highways England, Centro and Network Rail (Transpire, Digital Rail, Stafford, Gatwick, Leeds Station Capacity, West of Leeds, PSU 1&2, Crossrail 2, Northern Hub, East West 1 & 2, S&C, Electrification, etc.). Further and more recent organisations that Peter’s worked with include DIO, MOD, AECOM, Alun Griffiths, Mott Macdonald, Babcock, Balfour Beatty, Bam Nuttall, Colas, VolkerFitzpatrick and Transport for Wales. Indeed, he has worked in most utilities, from Nuclear to Water, on alliancing and collaboration in Europe and the Middle East.

Peter’s two life-long sporting passions, yacht racing and squash, are both ‘loitering’ by the wayside, and he now lives in deepest Herefordshire with his partner and enjoys ‘extreme gardening’ and cooking when he’s able.

David Jones

David has led, directed, and managed top-level business improvements, major programme and project set-up, start-up and delivery for more than 30 years. He has delivered within his own organisation and for client and contractor organisations extensive transformational and cultural change programmes. David’s focus is helping teams and individuals to achieve the best from their personal and business relationships

With wide senior level experience across a broad range of industries and sectors, some highly regulated, and all highly safety conscious, David has a passion for releasing the enormous potential of people and teams. Comfortably operating at main board and shop floor in one-to-one or one-to-many situations, his motivation is seeing the advantage of new partners working closely together to create value.

Unfortunately, David’s enjoyment of cookery, particularly for large gatherings is incompatible with his other passion, which is for walking in the wilds

Peter Scholfield

Peter Scholfield

Peter joined JCPii in 2008, firstly helping run the JCPii “Pirates” exercise and then moved on to work as a Behavioural Analyst. Much of his 30 years experience in the army involved technical weapons development projects. This involved testing new equipment and collaborating with civil servants as well as technicians and senior managers from civilian contractors before a weapons system could be brought into service.

He was also involved in coaching and leading sports teams not only within the army but at international level. Since then he spent 15 years working as a technical consultant in the marine electronics industry and running his own IT company producing software for the marine leisure market. For all the portfolio of products this involved creating the specification, and for most it involved the technical development of the product from start to finish. With those products not created in house very close liaison with third party programmers was vital.

He has worked on many projects with JCPii including Network Rail, DIO, Transpire and PSU alliances, Aecom, Colas, Costain, Volker Stevin, Morgan Sindall, Kier-Graham, Amey, BAM, Arup and Murphy and more latterly working with the MOD. Building the relationships with the JCPii client base has been a natural progression from both his military life but his professional life since leaving the army. He is now a very experienced behavioural analyst and also helps run the JCPii “Pirates” exercises.

Andrew Horrocks

Andrew joined jcpii in 2011, following a successful career building and coaching high performance sports teams also managing logistics, team dynamics and performance analysis. He also competed himself, scoring wins at the highest level.

Since joining jcpii Andrew has been involved in helping organisations, teams and alliances develop successful collaborative business relationships. He has worked with clients to develop and implement collaborative procurement, helping to select the right partners for several major successful alliances, frameworks and complex, high value, projects. In addition, he has worked with teams to develop a strategy for collaboration, helped them to develop an approach, and the behavioural skills required to deliver the benefits of collaboration helping individuals thrive in high pressure environments. Andrew has also worked with a wide range of contractors and consultancies focusing on culture change and building high performing teams.

Andrew has also worked in a number of sensitive and complex environments, including defence and aviation. He has been a valued member of teams that have needed to develop strong relationships with a great number of stakeholders. Andrew has been a wellbeing champion and mentor in his roles, providing organisations with strategies to promote these principles, with support and guidance for individuals. He has seen first-hand the benefits to individuals that alliancing can bring and has been at the heart of ensuring these are realised on many projects and programmes.

Andrew still competes to a high level in sailing and enjoys keeping himself active with many outdoor pursuits. He believes in having fun in all walks of life and brings this energy and enthusiasm to his work.

Alan Ferguson

Alan has worked with JCPii since 2013 and brings insight from the forces into his role as a consultant. Before working for JCPii Alan served as an operational military linguist. His primary role was to negotiate and form relationships, to enhance cross-cultural team working. This role helped him to understand tribal and social dynamics, which he then applied working in a liaison, cultural and language support role for several years across the Middle East and South East Asia for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

In both positions he had to hold crucial conversations often in tense situations and build rapport, trust, and a strong working relationship across the obvious language barriers. This experience gave Alan a keen interest in emotional intelligence and behaviour and how these can impact team-working which he followed up through studying neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

In JCPii he has worked at developing leadership teams, facilitating pre-assessments (helping clients with their understanding & requirements) and assessments for several major alliances in the rail, construction and engineering industries. His role is primarily to provide accurate, behavioural observation and analysis, enabling lead-facilitators to help clients create relationships aligned with collaboration, and high-performing teams with potential future partners.

In his family and spare time Alan enjoys running, walks in the Galloway hills.

David McLoughlin

David McLoughlin is an experienced rail and construction executive, a chartered management accountant and an honorary Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

He has over 30 years’ experience working with some of the best-known construction companies in the UK holding high profile roles including Finance & Commercial Director for Network Rail’s Infrastructure Projects division, Chief Executive of The Spencer Group and Associate Director at KPMG.

He has a broad range of technical skills and excels in managing multidisciplinary teams. Many years of experience in putting project alliances together with the emphasis on collaborative working, especially in an environment where safety is a key output.

He now runs his own company, Brandes House Consultancy and in 2017 he started an online marketing business specialising in news and profile raising called

He is a Non Executive Director to 4 different organisations.

Francis Cubitt

Francis Cubitt – after leaving Oxford, Francis worked for 25 years in civil and offshore commercial and infrastructure construction worldwide as contractor, consulting engineer and Country Director. Projects included: London Central Mosque, industrial plants in Algeria and Libya, and in Indonesia, power stations, offshore platforms, and most recently the commercial development and construction of a public-private HV network for Sumatra. As lead negotiator in the settlement process at a UK defence facility he saw at first hand particularly malign results of the conventional adversarial contracting model.

Following the S-E Asian credit crunch of 1997-8, Francis switched to teaching Business and Economics in UK secondary schools. He left school-teaching five years ago to concentrate on behavioural consultancy; and to found a tuition agency specialising in online education in the UK and as far away as Los Angles and Shanghai.

He has undertaken a number of roles with jcpii, from behavioural analysis to facilitation in many situations ranging from tendering support through procurement assessment to dispute resolution.

His interests range from medieval belief structures and early Renaissance art through offshore sailing to the benefits of remote education for children and students with special educational needs.

Lynn Manley

Lynn is an HR professional and a Corporate member of the Chartered Institute of
Personnel Development. (MCIPD). Lynn has over 20 years extensive experience with large
International Corporations.

She brings a wealth of experience to the team across all HR disciplines which are directly transferable to collaboration and alliance group projects having significant interpersonal skills and a strong team player.

She is married and lives in Hampshire with her husband. Hobbies include swimming, keep fit, cooking and horses. Loves rugby!

Russell Lake

Russell Lake joined the JCPii team in 2000 as a behavioural consultant and through support from the JCPii team, quickly developed into the role of behavioural analyst / Senior Consultant. Russell has worked with all major jcpii clients both here in the UK and in Europe. Russell brings a wealth of experience to the team with his background as a senior manager in the hospitality sector and later as a management consultant for a private organisation specialising in leadership and team development, all gelled together with an insatiable sense of humour! Russell is a qualified Neuro – Linguistic Practitioner and a director of successful leisure based training company. He also shares a passion for sailing and powerboating and holds the highest levels of RYA instructional qualifications in both disciplines.

Russell lives in Southampton with his wife Louise and children Alban, Florence and Elsie.

Kerry Robinson

Kerry joined the jcpii executive team in 2013 to help them in supporting their client interface. That experience wetted her appetite for a role in consultancy and, in particular, behavioural development. With the support of the executive team she was trained as a behavioural observer and, subsequently, is successfully building a portfolio of projects including Filton Bank, EWRA, Crossrail, Aecom, Centro, Papworth, Colas, Volker Rail, West of Leeds, TfW and DIO (MOD).

Alongside this role, Kerry manages the day-to-day accounting and financial requirements of jcpii; collating and analysing account data and generating financial reports, producing VAT returns, ensuring invoicing is produced and dispatched in a timely manner and producing cashflow reports and budgets and communicating these back to the Directors. The role requires great attention to detail, accuracy, confidentiality and the ability to be able to communicate clearly.

Prior to this, Kerry worked for Aviva Insurance, training new recruits, coaching new starters and carrying out QA to ensure correct decisions and behaviours were being implemented. As part of this, she carried out 1-2-1 interviews and designed individual tailored development plans. Kerry is passionate about helping people develop and promote self-belief.

Kerry is also a qualified driving instructor which requires strong communication, interpersonal, problem solving and decision-making skills.

Jody Hardy

Jody Hardy has over 15 years’ experience working in the Corporate, Entertainment and Event industries. Whilst based in HK she played an integral part of the launch known as Star TV in Asia including organizing major concerts in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India and Indonesia. Jody then moved with MTV to New York and subsequently relocated to Singapore as Head of Talent & Artist Relations and where MTV re-launched as a separate entity. Since returning to the UK some years ago Jody has worked in management consultancy, customer service and event management, organizing and leading teams. With the support of the JCPii executive team Jody has been trained as a Behavioural Observer and interviewer and has successfully built a portfolio of projects working with Network Rail, DIO, Transpire, Aecom, Colas, Costain, Volker Stevin, Morgan Sindall, Kier-Graham and many more.

Some of her life highlights include the organization of events for The Queen and Royal Family at Buckingham Palace and Tour Managing a headlining band at Glastonbury!

Alicia Grigoriou

Alicia is one of the most recent members of our company and our team, bringing youthful insight and Mediterranean sensitivity. Educated in Greece, she completed her bachelor’s degree in International Business and International Relations at the Empire University of New York.

Before joining Jcpii, she worked as a manager of imports and exports for an international leather Company for more than 3 years. As part of this work, she had to negotiate and communicate with purchasers and suppliers, ensuring the successful implementation of the deals from end to end. She then worked as a marketing manager, specialising in co-operative marketing. Her task was to combine the needs of companies of the same or different industries to create an effective and mutually beneficial solution that would deliver enhanced value and impact.

Following that, Alicia joined a stockbroker’s where she was trained as a broker. Key duties were to provide her clients with relevant, accurate and true information, interpret financial data, perform market research on a daily basis, advising them on how to invest their capital and on how to reduce risk. Such work demanded an analytical mind, interpersonal skills, strong communication and the ability to influence key decision makers.

Her last job before joining Jcpii was in the operations department of an investment company, where again she had to synchronise and collaborate with all the different departments of the company including lawyers, notaries, accountants, clients and contractors. Leadership and decision-making were vital for that position.

In Jcpii, Alicia has been trained as a behavioural observer and she has been applying her knowledge, building a successful portfolio of workshops with clients including Network Rail, DIO, Transpire and PSU alliances, Aecom, Colas, Costain, Volker Stevin, Morgan Sindall, Kier-Graham, Amey, BAM, Arup and Murphy. Alicia’s passionate belief in the importance of honesty and trust lies at the heart of her commitment to people and a collaborative culture. She has found a natural home in jcpii enjoying building relationships with the interesting and fascinatingly diverse variety of the people we are proud to serve.

Anais Grigoriou

Anais’ studies at Greenwich University, on Business Management and Tourism, included organisational behaviour, emotional intelligence and the management of individual performance. These studies changed her way of thinking and highlighted the benefits of teamworking and collaboration in business. She has a great interest in how emotions affect behaviours and thus productivity and teamworking.

Following 8 years of working at management level in the Hotel & Hospitality industry, where she was able to develop her leadership and people skills, Anais joined Jcpii. She has been trained in behavioral observation and analysis under the Jcpii directors. Her main belief is that consultants do not work magic and that clients need first to understand how collaboration can help their productivity and then work towards changing their relationships by first changing themselves.

Anais has worked with Jcpii on collaboration and behavioral workshops with clients such as Network Rail, on the Transpire and PSU alliances, and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (MOD) on the Clyde Commercial Framework and its subsidiary projects, as well as the F35 Lakenheath programme. She is experienced in the delivery of collaborative procurement workshops as well as in the preparation of bid teams undergoing collaborative and behavioural selection processes.

Anais likes to bother herself with computers and games in her free time.
Finally, she strongly believes that high performing teams are teams that have fun.

Adelito Xhebroj

Adelito works as a behavioural observer with JCPii in collaboration and behavior workshops with clients such as Network Rail and Transpire and PSU alliances. And prior to that he received extensive training from senior consultants of JCPii to get the best possible understanding of the principles of collaboration and the best possible understanding of the needs of JCPii’s clients.

Adelito studied for his BA in International Relations at New York College in Athens and for his MSc in International Business Management at Coventry University. Through his studies he managed to acquire a robust skillset such as analytical skills and critical thinking. He also acquired a more in depth understanding of business management processes, strategic management, and market research strategies.

With 10+ years of experience in the Hospitality industry he further enhanced his theoretical knowledge and transformed it into practical knowledge, regarding concepts such as teamwork, collaboration, and people skills. As part of management teams in British Chains in Hospitality industry he cultivated strong beliefs that a company or a team can achieve its best possible performance through communication and collaboration and he firmly believes that every day is a chance to improve ourselves.

Adelito Xhebroj
Nick Ryley

Nick Ryley

Nick Ryley joined JCPii 5 years ago, having retired after 20 years in a senior position in the Marine Leisure Industry. Team building, collaboration and alliancing were key activities in all of the business ventures that Nick pursued. Good teams deliver more than the sum of the parts and companies can ignore this fact at their peril in these now changing and increasingly competitive markets.

Working as a behavioural consultant these skills are more and more in demand as Government and major industries work on complex and high value contracts in collaborative frameworks.
Nick finds passing on this knowledge and these skills is both rewarding and challenging personally but also rewarding in seeing the end results of JCPii’s work.

Bob Broome

Bob joined jcpii in 2017 following a long career spanning the public sector, commerce and industry. He brings to jcpii a long track record of developing, growing and managing businesses through a commercial outlook, strong and open people management, innovation and attention to detail.

A qualified accountant (he has promised us that he has put all that behind him …) Bob is a Director and General Manager with substantial Board level and Senior Management experience in multi-national businesses, both regulated and unregulated. He has successfully delivered a wide range of large scale, complex, high value programmes, often in operationally demanding and safety critical environments including aviation, main line and metro rail, and in the IT and Telecoms industry.

Bob is passionate about and very experienced in the practical use of collaborative commercial and contracting models. He has helped to create and worked widely in UK and International JVs, Consortia, Alliances and Partnerships; and he has delivered programmes in most contracting environments including very demanding PPP/PFI SLA’s. Working with jcpii provides Bob with the opportunity to further develop his and other’s skills and experience in collaborative contracting; and the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of collaborative working in real life situations.

Outside work Bob is a keen traveller especially to the French wine regions and to Greece; and a willing but unpaid garden labourer, pond maintainer and bee keeping assistant. He also enjoys cryptic crosswords (the quick ones!), is an active gym member and is trying to learn Greek.

Bob Broome
In addition to the above we have an extensive pool of part-time support facilitators

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