What We Do

Collaborative working

We help organisations and people collaborate to create mutually beneficial and profitable relationships. We help you to develop your strategy and develop the right business relationships, both internally and externally, to ensure your ultimate success and value for money. Our aim is that all your team understand the what, why and the how of successful collaboration. Our speciality is making it real.

Leadership & team development

We are leadership and team integration development specialists working with leadership and management teams to deliver change to new and existing, internal and external groups. Our work encompasses the development of strong and inspirational leaders, developing integrated teams based on trust and building high performance cultures.

Collaborative Procurement – Strategy, Design and Implementation

This crucial first step in developing the relationship of the future needs to align with and support the vision of collaboration. We help organisations to select the right partners in the right way to achieve successful collaboration. This starts with the development of the client’s own team. We support clients through the development of their procurement strategies, at all stages from pre-qualification through selection assessment workshops, mobilisation and beyond. Our process has been scrutinised by both independent and client lawyers to ensure that is is fair, robust and compliant with EU procurement laws.

Collaborative and Behavioural Bid Preparation

Every customer is different and every bid is different. We provide targeted development to teams and individuals that prepare you for all stages of the bidding process, ultimately giving you and your business the very best opportunity to win new work. Our success ratio has even surprised us – in a good way!

Collaborative Principled Negotiation

The negotiation phase of any bid can inadvertently destroy all the good intentions. It is often the first test of collaboration. Principled negotiation, supporting the collaborative principles, will ensure that the relationship is strengthened and that collaboration is seen as a winning strategy. We develop and train teams to negotiate in the right way; not soft, but hard on the issues and principles. The desired and required outcome is a win for all. We can train teams jointly (Client and Contractors) or separately. And we can facilitate and monitor the real negotiation to support your aims. Our developmental programme covers both the process and the behaviours.

Behavioural awareness & development

Collaboration is, at its heart, a business relationship designed to help achieve greater success. The key to that relationship is the mindset of the people who have to make it work. That is our starting point. Only when that is right can we help you create the most effective relationship to enable your businesses to flourish. That relationship is built on a collaborative culture, supported by the key principles and behaviour that will both define the relationship and guide its conduct. We work with you, using our expertise, drawing on decades of both academic and practical learning and development, to help you define and implement the most successful strategy for you. Anyone can talk collaboration. The trick is to make it real. Our job is to help you do that. That is what we do.

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